Pilates Makes Sex Better


Pelvic Floor: Part of the core!

We all know Pilates strengthens the core.  But we don't all know that the base of the core are the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are what make you orgasm. Like any muscle, if you train the pelvic floor, it will get stronger and you will have more endurance. When the pelvic floor is weak, or tight and weak (ironically this often goes together)  a woman may not be able to experience an orgasm, could have a "weak" orgasm, or may even have pain with sex. But when the pelvic floor is strong and healthy, a woman will be able to experience multiple orgasms.

Kegels are the classic way to strengthen your pelvic floor. But according to research, 50% of women do Kegels in reverse. They push out instead of pulling in and tightening. 

When I teach Pilates, the image I give to engage the pelvic floor is to "draw the pubic bone closer to the coccyx" (and visa versa). 

The best way to strengthen your pelvic floor is to have sex.

What's better than a penis to give you feedback? For straight women practice pulling the penis inside of you as deep as you can.  Gay women can always use a dildo.   I guarantee your lover will not complain if you try to squeeze your pelvic floor while having sex. You can do it in the missionary position by drawing the penis in, tucking the pelvis under and really giving it a one hundred percent effort to squeeze and pull the penis deep inside. Some women prefer to practice while on top and attempt to lift the penis up into the vagina using pelvic floor muscles.


If you want a device to help you understand how to strengthen your pelvic floor I recommend the KGOAL. Its a great device that you insert into your vagina and it gives vibrational feedback if you are squeezing it correctly. It has a bonus clitoris vibrator to help with positive reinforcement! What's fun about the KGOAL is that you sync it with your phone and download the app and play fun games that work both your slow twitch and fast twitch pelvic floor muscles. Ladies give it a try!