How My Pilates Teacher Training Differs From Most


The main difference between my Pilates Teacher Training and most of the other Pilates schools in the country is that I personally teach the complete repertoire, which means my students are learning start to finish from a Master Instructor.

What makes me a Master Instructor? I have over 25 years experience teaching Pilates and over 20 years experience teaching instructors. I have written ten Pilates books including Pilates for Dummies and I invented the Pilates Springboard, a space saving and inexpensive alternative to the Cadillac which has sold internationally for the past 11 years. I have travelled the globe teaching at conferences and private studios. I am also a licensed acupuncturist with a Master of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Every year my Pilates Teacher Training gets a little better because I continue to learn and evolve as a teacher. My students get the benefit of all those years. They graduate with a deep understanding of not only classic Pilates repertoire, but also gobs of new exercises, variations, and modifications. Students also graduate with a profound knowledge base with which they can approach postural misalignments with strategies on how to correct these issues. In the Teacher Training, I address special populations so my trainers are confident working with pregnancy, post-natal issues, and all kinds of chronic and acute injuries.

My trainers are world class not only because they train with a Master but they are surrounded by brilliant trainers from several generations at all my studios. The trainers at my studios are warm and welcoming to new Pilates instructors and are happy to take new students under their wing. Those who are interested in being a rehabilitation specialist can observe our Master Rehabilitation Instructors, one whom, Denise Small, is also a licensed Physical Therapist. We also offer an annual rehabilitation intensive with Denise.

Other more "corporate" Teacher Training programs often use inexperienced instructors to teach their Teacher Training or have several different people teaching.  

I have observed many Pilates instructors from around the globe and have seen the paucity of their training. There is no replacement for years of experience. 

Before you decide where to do your Pilates Teacher Training, make sure you know who will be teaching you!