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Ellie Herman's Pilates Springboard Cover price $49.95 


Ellie Herman's Pilates Reformer - Cover price $69.95


Ellie Herman's Pilates Mat - Cover price $59.95



Ellie Herman's Pilates Wunda Chair - Cover price $49.95


Ellie Herman's Pilates Arc & Barrels - Cover price $59.95


Ellie Herman's Pilates Cadillac - Cover price $39.95


DVD - Ellie Herman's Beginning Pilates Mat

Perfect for absolute beginners, this 45-minute workout takes you through classical mat repertoire and Ellie's original exercises. Cover price $24.95


DVD - Ellie Herman's Advanced Pilates Mat

Perfect for those who have completed the beginning workout and are ready for a challenge. 50 minutes. Cover price $24.95


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Ellie Herman Pilates Springboard


Designed by Ellie Herman, the very popular Pilates Springboard is an affordable, space-saving piece of Pilates equipment that provides an invigorating full-body workout. The Springboard bolts to the wall, so it doesn't take up floor space. This makes it perfect for an extra room, a home gym, garage, attic, or basement. If you own a Pilates or fitness facility, you can mount several Springboards along a wall and offer group equipment classes. 

Pilates Springboard Features

  • Springboard of maple-faced high quality laminate, 20"w x 72"h (72cm x 183cm).
  • Easy-to-use engraved measurements and 22 spring attachment points.
  • Balanced Body Signature Springs™ with Snaps. Regular: 2 yellow. Long: 2 purple.
  • Maple roll-down bar, 2 cotton loops and 2 Neoprene handles.
  • Maple dowel footbar.
  • Hardware for attaching the Springboard to studs with standard 16" spacing. View mounting instructions here. 

Optional Push-Through Bar

Springboard & Push-Through Bar $745

You asked for it, and here it is! Enjoy more versatility by adding a push-through bar to your Springboard! Now you can increase your options to perform even more Trapeze Table exercises!

The anodized aluminum bar quickly and easily attaches to your existing Springboard (mount brackets and hardware included). You don’t need to remove, change, or alter your installed Springboard in order to install the push-through bar.

Push-Through Bar Kit includes two each of either red (medium) or blue (light) springs.