Barre Certification March 4-5 in Brooklyn

Join us this for a weekend Ellie Herman Barre Certification March 4-5 1:30-7:30pm at the ANNEX space. $500.


For more info, click on Barre Certification page, or email:

Barre & Pilates Certification Info Session this Thursday at 1pm

All your questions will be answered in this 1 hour info session. 

What: Info Session with Ellie Herman for Barre & Pilates Certification

When: Thursday September 15th 1pm

Where: The ANNEX 463 4th Street between 7th and 8th aves in Park Slope

Ellie Herman teaching Pilates in the North Fork

Ellie Herman teaching Pilates in the North Fork

Ellie's teaching a PIlates Burn class Saturdays 12:15pm at the Giving Room in Southold throughout the summer. What is Pilates Burn? It is a killer flow class that combines squats, lunges, planks with Pilates and fun music. Your muscles will feel the burn. All over. To register click here.

Sound to Table: Conch conch conch!!!

Sound to Table: Conch conch conch!!!

I was doing my daily swim in the Long Island Sound in Southold when  I saw a lot of big conch shells on the bottom. I told my nanny, Adelphine, who's a fantastic cook from St. Vincent (a Caribbean island) and she was excited to make something with them. The next day the dive was on. I found over 12 large conch and we took them home.

Adelphine got out the hammer and starting banging. In order to get the conch out you basically need to destroy the shell and pull those stubborn little sea snails out. I always find it sad to kill something, no matter how prehistoric...

Finally after much banging and pulling, cleaning and cutting, the conch was ready to cook. We put it with garlic and white wine last night. Today we'll try conch soup with corn, carrots and chayote.

Mat II Teacher Training this weekend!

Cannot wait to learn Ellie's super advanced mat repertoire at teacher training this weekend. Say a prayer for my transversus!  - Cait