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Barre Brooklyn Classes held daily in Park Slope!

Barre Brooklyn Classes in Park Slope

Classes held daily at the 4th Street Annex!

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Get your burn on with Barre Brooklyn in Park Slope!

Classes are a unique blend of Ballet barre, Jazz, Pilates, & Yoga, set to fun, upbeat music.

First class discounted at $20!

30 Day Challenge – 8 classes – $159
(expires after 30 days)

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MELT/ Strength/ Core Classes at the 4th St Pilates Annex in Park Slope


MELT Strength/Core 

w/Zoe Levine


Tuesdays at 12noon

Thursdays at 8:15pm

MELT  away chronic pain with myofascial release techniques using the roller. Also core strengthening. If you haven’t tried MELT you are in for a treat.

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Tween/Teen Pilates at the Annex

Tween/Teen Pilates at the Annex

Sundays at 1pm with Amie Castaldo


Class geared specifically towards young adults to teach body awareness and how to move through life without suffering long term effects from carrying a heavy backpack or sitting at a desk all day.  Also great for young athletes to maintain strength and stability to prevent injury and sport their daily activities.

First Class $20!

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Pilates Teacher Training Certification in Brooklyn 2015

Pilates Teacher Training Certification NYC 2015 


Earn your Pilates Certification with Ellie Herman at her studio in Brooklyn!

For more information click here:

Complete the comprehensive certification or do each module separately.

$4,250 Comprehensive / $500 per Module

Saturdays and Sundays, 2pm – 8pm

Functional Anatomy – Jan 10th

Mat I – Jan 17th & 18th

Mat II – Jan 24th & 25th

Reformer I – Feb 7th & 8th

Reformer II – Feb 21st & 22nd

Reformer III – Mar 7th & 8th

Springboard – Mar 21st & 22nd

Cadillac/Arc/Ladder Barrel – Apr 11th & 12th

Wunda Chair – May 2nd & 3rd


To schedule an audition, email

or call 718-230-3707.

Ideokinesis : Embodied Movement

Ideokinesis: Embodied Anatomy

with Freddie Pearson



A 3-part workshop for Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers, and serious students.

Saturdays & Sundays 1pm – 7pm


Part 1, Oct 11th & 12th

Day 1: Planes, Position & Direction, Joint Classification, Movement Terminology
Day 2: Bones & Muscles of the Vertebral

Column & Thorax


Part 2, Nov 8th & 9th

Day 1: Bones & Muscles f the Pectoral Girdle,

Arm & Pelvic Girdle
Day 2: Bones & Muscles of the Leg & Knee Joint


Part 3, Dec 13th & 14th

Day 1: Bones & Muscles of the Ankle & Foot
Day 2: Putting it all together: Ideokinesis – Neuromuscular Reprogramming for Functional Movement

Price: $300/Weekend
$850/All 3 Weekends

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Ellie is back!

Ellie is teaching Master Classes in Brooklyn!


For Advanced students interested in furthering their understanding of Pilates and students interested in Teacher Training.

Union Street
Saturdays 1pm & 2pm

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