Get Certified to Teach Pilates by Master Teacher Ellie Herman.

The Ellie Herman Pilates Institute is an internationally recognized Pilates certification program offering comprehensive mat and apparatus training through academic coursework and experiential learning. Ellie is committed to teaching students the applications of all the Pilates exercises, so that when they exit the program, they are confident they can apply their knowledge with confidence in professional settings across the fitness, wellness, and medical worlds.


2020 Dates

  • Functional Anatomy: January 25-26

  • Mat I: February 1-2

  • Mat II & Brooklyn Barre: February 8-9

  • Springboard & Brooklyn Barre: February 29-March 1

  • Reformer I: March 14-15

  • Reformer II: March 21-22

  • Reformer III: April 4-5

  • Cadillac and Arc & Barrels: April 25-26

  • Wunda Chair: May 2-3


“Teach them how to fish.”



Ellie is committed to teaching students the overarching applications of all the Pilates exercises—most importantly, the contraindications—so that when they graduate, they are confident that they can apply their Pilates knowledge to all populations. From the first hour of working with a client, a Pilates instructor should be analyzing and actively involved in corrective exercise, not just going through a Pilates protocol. Ellie’s students develop a critical eye for technique and exit her program fluent in the language of movement.


Program Overview

Phase One: Lecture and Hands-On Training with Ellie Herman

Learn the mechanics, technique, and integration of the Pilates Method with one of the world’s foremost Pilates innovators, Master Teacher Ellie Herman. Ellie is committed to teaching students the applications of all the Pilates exercises so that when they graduate, they are confident they can apply their knowledge to all populations.

Ellie believes that Pilates education begins with an understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, posture, and biomechanics. Throughout this immersive and rigorous series of lectures and workshops, you will learn choreography of the Pilates mat and apparatus, how to guide clients through cueing, and common contraindications. 108 hours.

Students seeking comprehensive certification are required to return to observe Ellie’s lectures the following year. It is between year one and two that students fulfill their remaining hours of self-practice, student teaching, apprentice teaching, and observation.


Phase Two: Student Hours

Self Practice: Students are required to complete self-practice sessions to reinforce program curriculum and perfect their technique. Students who choose to do their self-practice hours at Ellie Herman Pilates will work out with partners and must pay the studio usage fee. 100 hours.

Student Teaching: A critically important aspect of the program is learning how to be a safe, effective, inspiring teacher. Comprehensive students who choose to do their teaching hours at Ellie Herman Pilates may begin as soon as their instructors grant permission. While students are honing their skills, they will see clients at a drastically reduced rate, just enough to cover studio costs. These teaching hours are unpaid and are scheduled based on studio availability. 100 hours.

Apprentice Teaching: After completing the student teaching hours, students can audition to become an Apprentice Trainer at Ellie Herman Pilates. These additional hours are a key part of transitioning from a student to an experienced professional. If hired at Ellie Herman Pilates, you will be paid for these hours. 100 hours.

Observation: Students have a unique opportunity to observe experienced trainers at work. Observation will reinforce the program material and offer perspective on how to put it all together. Students are welcome to observe at other studios pending approval. 100 hours.

Phase Three: Test Out

When the student has completed the program, they may ask to schedule the practical and written tests required to become fully certified. In the interest of the students’ preparedness and confidence, we strongly encourage that they wait to take the practical and written tests only after they have completed all of their lecture and student hours.

The written test covers Pilates repertoire, anatomy, and kinesiology. The practical test assesses the students’ ability to teach and perform the repertoire. Group practicals are scheduled throughout the year.


Program Costs

Comprehensive Tuition: $4750

Per-Module Tuition: $550

All students have the option to pay per-module, even if they intend to pursue comprehensive certification.

Required Books

Functional Anatomy: Muscles: Testing and Function, 5th Ed. by Kendall and Kendall, and Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-German.

Mat I & II: Ellie Herman’s Pilates Mat $60

Reformer I, II, & III: Ellie Herman’s Pilates Reformer $70

Springboard: Ellie Herman’s Pilates Springboard $50

Cadillac and Arc & Barrels: Ellie Herman’s Pilates Cadillac $40 and Ellie Herman’s Pilates Arc & Barrels $60

Wunda Chair: Ellie Herman’s Pilates Wunda Chair $50

Ellie’s books are available for purchase in her studios in Brooklyn or in the Ellie Herman Pilates store on Mindbody Online.

Studio Usage: $100/monthly or $600/annually. Self-practice and student teaching hours can be completed at any fully-equipped Pilates facility. Students who choose to do self-practice and student teaching hours at Ellie Herman Pilates are required to pay a usage fee of $600 per year or $100 per month.

Test Out: $450 for Comprehensive or $250 Per-Module

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