Lenny Reisner

certified trainer

Lenny grew up outside of Boston and was never aware of Pilates until a roommate recommended it for back and core strength.  After that first class, Lenny regularly took Mat classes twice a week for five years straight before discovering the Reformer.  His passion for the wellness and energy that Pilates brought to him inspired the desire to become a teacher.

After years of trainings and moving to New York, Lenny received his comprehensive certification through Balanced Body University, became a Pilates Method Alliance® Certified Pilates Teacher, and is training as a Core Align® instructor.  His favorite piece of equipment is the Mat, but he honors the healing, wellness, and alignment feedback and benefits that all the equipment provides.  He is continually taking trainings, observing and thinking of ways to bring challenging, successful and invigorating workouts to all his clients.  Specific trainings include work with osteoporosis, rotational sports and scoliosis.  In his classes you will receive the utmost of attention, and find encouragement and support to help you attain your goals whether it be train for dance, improve your golf game, or among others, find balance and strength.


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