Invented by Ellie Herman, the Springboard is a wall-mounted resistance machine that provides an invigorating full-body workout. Springboard classes incorporate mat work, props, leg and arm springs, and more. 

The springboard is a space-saving piece of Pilates equipment that fits easily into a garage, attic or tiny apartment! 


The most versatile and popular piece of Pilates equipment, the Reformer will help you elongate and tone your whole body. Ellie Herman Pilates makes the Reformer, the premier piece of Pilates equipment affordable and fun.

We offer Reformer classes for all levels of experience at all three studios.

Slowburn Reformer

This Reformer class uses very light springs and slow motion forcing you to feel the fire in your core like nobody's business. But don't worry, we also use heavy springs to strengthen your glutes and large muscle groups. Extremely safe, but not for the faint of heart. 

Brooklyn Barre

Fantastic full body workout to lively music! Smart combination of functional exercises combining Pilates based moves, Yoga Flow, basic dance moves, lots of squats, lunges, arm strengthening plus Pilates Mat abs sequences and planks. Get fit, have fun and look good in your shorts!