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Ellie Herman Barre Method Certification Teacher Training Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Barre Method is Master Pilates Teacher Ellie Herman's newest fitness program: a smart mix of functional exercises meant for all ages and fitness levels. 

What is the Ellie Herman's "Brooklyn Barre" Method?

After 25 years of teaching Pilates, Ellie has come up with what she thinks are the most important exercises to keep your body healthy, injury-free and looking great.  Ellie Herman Barre Method is a smart mix of functional exercises combining Pilates Mat and Springboard sequences, squats, lunges, planks, and basic dance moves that build cardio and tone your body fast while protecting your precious knees and spine!

Ellie Herman Barre Method incorporates props including the yoga block, yoga blanket, Gertie Ball, and Theraband.

 Ellie’s vision is to create a fitness regime that can be done in a jail cell. While having access to a Pilates studio with all the accessories is ideal, complete fitness can be achieved with just a space on the floor. Most important when doing any exercise regime is that the form is correct. 

Increase your earning potential by learning:

  • How to teach a smart, dynamic Barre class that combines functional exercise with basic dance moves, Pilates abdominal exercises, as well as Pilates Springboard exercises. Props will be incorporated: yoga block; yoga blanket; Gertie Ball; Theraband; and Magic Circle.
  • How to teach a Barre class in a variety of studio settings: Pilates studios, yoga studios, and  gyms. 
  • How to put together your own class that flows and challenges people of all levels and ages.
  • Proper alignment for basic fitness exercises like squats, lunges, planks, and single leg balances, as well as safe and challenging combinations to build cardio stamina and tone all the muscles of the body.
  • How to modify for pregnancy, post-natal, spine injuries, knee injuries, osteoporosis, etc.

Prerequisites: Pilates mat certification, yoga certification, personal trainer certification, dance experience, fitness experience.  Anatomy knowledge required and can be done at Ellie Herman Studios (Anatomy module offered 2x/ year). The anatomy can be taken after the training, and is only needed is students want to be "certified" by Ellie. Also students may work privately with one of Ellie's Master Trainers to fulfill their anatomy requirement but other anatomy courses accepted.

Hours: 12 hours training with Ellie Herman. Students must take a minimum of 10 Ellie Herman Barre Method classes at Ellie Herman Studio, either before, during, or after the weekend training. 

Test out: After the module, students will have up to 6 months to study and prepare choreography for a practical test-out. Students traveling from out-of-state or abroad can submit a video of their class for test-out. Test out: teach a 45 minute Barre class. Feedback will be given after test out.

Price: $550 Ellie Herman Barre Method Certification  (12 Hours), Barre Manual: $65, Special $195 for 10 Ellie Herman Barre Method Classes. Test out: $125.