denise small's Pilates tools for injuries and special populations workshop spring 2017

Deepen your knowledge of anatomy and learn specific exercises to address common injuries and postural misalignment. Denise will take you through a profound discussion on the kinesiology and anatomy of the major joints and movements of the body.

Using imagery and specific anatomical cueing, you will learn fundamental movements to reawaken and realign the skeletal system. Specific attention will be paid to the most common issues you will see as a Pilates instructor including scoliosis, frozen shoulder and impingement, common knee injuries and misalignments, arthritis, osteoporosis, stenosis, and disc problems.

Workshops are $450 per weekend or $1250 for all three. Weekend modules are Saturday and Sunday, 1:30pm to 6:30pm at Ellie Herman Pilates at 788A Union St in Brooklyn.  

denise small dpt physical therapist pilates
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March 25-26 - Part One: Pelvis and Spine

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April 22-23 - Part Two: Lower Limb

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May 20-21 - Part Three: Upper Limb

denise small dpt physical therapist pilates trainer

About Denise - Denise Small, DPT earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from SUNY Downstate in 2016. She currently specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation at a private practice in Manhattan. Denise was certified in Pilates instruction and standing Pilates instruction with the Physical Mind Institute and Balanced Body University.

She has studied with Doris Pasteleur Hall and Lesley Powell, CMA, while continuing her education with Irene Dowd, Eric Franklin, and Tom Myers. Denise has danced professionally with the Pennsylvania Ballet, Kansas City Ballet, Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, and the New Chamber Ballet.


Denise has taught me so much and has influenced my teaching more than anyone else in the last 5 years while simultaneously getting my own body symptom-free from chronic disc pain.
- Ellie Herman
Denise Small's workshop completely changed how I approach movement, both personally and with my clients. This workshop deepened my understanding of the Pilates repertoire and anatomy in motion. Denise's formulas opened me up to new approaches and tools for exploring Pilates movement, apparatus, and props. As I implemented these new techniques, I immediately saw positive results with my clients. This is a wonderful workshop for Pilates instructors looking to expand their methods for teaching both rehabilitative and healthy clients.
-Nicole Watkins, Certified Pilates Instructor
By registering online, you are reserving one spot in this three-part series. Workshops are non-refundable. Group discounts available.